Guangzhou pan-asia polyester co., LTD
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Guangzhou pan-asia polyester co., LTD

Pan-Asia PET Resin (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd.

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       Guangzhou pan-asia polyester co., LTD(Hereinafter referred to as“Pan Asia”)The focus of the chemical enterprise is guangzhou development zone,Specialized in bottle grade polyester production,Production capacity30Ten thousand tons of polyester,Output is30Hundred million yuan。
       Pan-asia company is currently the largest in guangdong provincePETSlice producers,PETSlice in the south China region has a high market share,Long-term supplyPETSlice to the famous beverage brands at home and abroad,Such as Coca-Cola、Pepsi、Master kong、Wahaha、A.s. Watson、Ganten centenarians mountain etc。Pan-asia company affiliated cheung peak holding group,With the whole group30Years of development history,In order to produce bottle grade polyester、Each typePETBottle embryo、PETBottle blowing and packaging carton as the core business,In the region of southern China are food-grade plastic packaging industry leading enterprises。

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