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To become an international leading professional supplier of in vitro diagnostic products and services

Xiamen bao biological technology co., LTD., founded in too2008Years4Month,Jc industrial park is located in xiamen haicang district rokuen,The geographical environment is superior,The transportation is convenient。Is a company dedicated toPOCTIn vitro diagnostic reagents and equipment research and development、Production、Sales of high-tech enterprises。Since its establishment,Always adhere to technological innovation,Attaches great importance to the r&d investment,Set up enterprise research and development center,Established a team dominated by Dr Subject academic leaders,Master's undergraduate level is high,Reasonable structure of r&d personnel,For a company with xiamen university、Xiamen medical college、Xiamen sea three such universities and research institutes maintain close contact,Formed a research partnership,Employ a number of in vitro diagnostic products research and development experts as the company's technical adviser,Now has18A core independent intellectual property rights

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