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A major project to provide quality steel!
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    8Precipitation years production strength
    The sign industry project enterprise quality
    WuGang xin ze iron and steel company is the collection steel procurement、Sales、Further processing in the integrationProfessional sales all kinds of special steelThe large enterprises
    With intelligenceCNC cutting machine2Taiwan,Flame cutting machine10Taiwan,The cutting process are madeNational standard control standards
    Power lead,Strong background,The registered capital500Ten thousand yuan
    Seiko products,Excellent quality,WuGang xin ze steel company
    Has for more than1000Customers to provide products
    Standardized processing plant,Equipped with industry-leadingFull set of testing equipment,Strictly execute the test indexes,The reliability of absolutely guarantee the quality of the products
    Strictly followISO9001:2008Quality management system and control the production process,Adopt international standards to identify the product specification
    The introduction of the world leading level production control system,Make a better product
    Professional team,Star service
    Create far more than the price of the product value for you
    WuGang xin ze steel company existing staff80Many people,The college graduates65People,Polymer graduated senior technicians5Name
    Has a professional product development team、The sales team、After-sales team,XXX factory customers to provide a full range of services
    Pre-sale、Sale、After the complete service system,Protect the benefit of every customer
    8Years of cultivation,Authority approval,We only
    Do better products more considerate service
    Henan iron and steel enterprise quality trustworthy enterprise、CredibilityAAAGrade enterprise
    On the scale growth companies
    Chinese credit enterprise certification system demonstration unit
    A model unit

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    Wuyang iron and steel-Wuyang iron and steel co., LTD-River WuGang steel group company! Wugang xin ze steel sales co., LTD,Wuyang iron and steel co., LTD is subordinate level agents,Set the steel procurement、Sales、Deep processing、Import and export trade as one of the large-scale iron and steel enterprises。The company's total assets3.5One hundred million yuan,The fixed assets2One hundred million yuan。Since the company since its establishment,Always adhere to the quality strives for the survival,To the credibility of development,To keep only for the first、Think about the spirit of enterprise,Uphold integrity、The rules、Innovation、Efficient、Win-win business philosophy,So far the company to operate WuGang、Angang、Baotou steel、Wisco、Shougang、Baosteel、At、Cultivation、Jinan、Hunan steel etc. Main domestic steel products,15Big series,300A variety of brands of steel plate。 Over the years with the major domestic steel mills and foreign many iron and steel enterprises maintained a long-term and stable business relationship,Company's main boiler and pressure vessel steel plate、High strength low alloy steel、Wear resistant steel plate、Corrosion resistant steel、Bridges with steel plate、High-rise building structure with steel plate、Alloy steel structure、Mould with steel plate、Carbon structural steel plate、Shipbuilding and oil platforms with steel plate、Composite steel plate、High strength and high toughness steel plate、Oil and gas pipeline with steel plate and 15 varieties of series、Multiple brands、300Multiple specifications of the steel plate thickness。Product broad board face、The flat is bright and clean,Trimming and tidy,Users around the home10A number of provinces and cities。The company has a professional cutting and computer programmers,After the programming of nc cutting according to the drawing according to customer requirements,All the year round for users across the country the large flange processing、Large cranes、A generator,The boiler,Steel furnace base、Frame、Memorial arch, etc,Section of the vertical,Level off is smooth,Is well received by customer affirmation。At the same time,We have and Shanghai、Wuxi、Hangzhou、Wuhan、Nanjing、Chongqing、Beijing、Lanzhou、Qingdao、Xi 'an and other places of the dealer has established the long-term strategy ...
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